The 25 Best Chinese Restaurants In America

25th. Red Pearl – Homewood, Alabama

Lathon C. Atlanta, GA:

Some of the best Chinese food in Birmingham Alabama… So I’m in “Tha Ham” on business for a few days and was at a nail shop (mani/pedi) and overhead the employees discussing this restaurant. Took a break from Chinese for a while, but had been missing it so I’m thinking that this might be a sign from the Man upstairs. Needless to say I made the trip down to Homewood (suburb) and was not disappointed. I will say that this place is crowded; always. Most people get on the waitlist and go look around/shop in the market until their table is ready.

Food came out fresh, hot, and didn’t disappoint. The wait staff was also great. If my beverage was low and my server wasn’t around, another server took care of things. I’ll definitely be back and would recommend

24th. Trey Yuen – Mandeville, Louisiana

Trey Yuen Cuisine of China is a restaurant specializing in Chinese cuisine. The restaurant was designed by both American and Chinese architects to immolate Chinese palaces. The restaurant features imported rosewood ceilings, carved wall panels, antique furnishing, statues and artwork as well as inlaid mother of pearl dining chairs. In addition, gardens, waterfalls, pagodas and koi ponds surround the restaurant. Its menu selections include hot and sour soup, spiced chicken wings, green pepper steak, vegetable spring rolls, curry lamb, alligator, crawfish, mu sui pork, flounder and duck. Meals are prepared by wong chefs. The restaurant is located in Mandeville, La.

23rd. Dragon Palace – Phoenix, Arizona

Lindsey L. Scottsdale, AZ:

This place is amazing! Great food and great service. We always have our family events here and have been regulars since I was a little kid. I haven’t found any other restaurant that makes sweet and sour pork as good as theirs. Their family meals are enough to feed an army and their lunch specials are shockingly good. So much good food for the price!

22nd. Yang Chow – Los Angeles, California

Brian W.West Los Angeles, CA:

Downtown Los Angeles’ Chinatown is a long-faded beauty, with most of the good places having left for 626 a decade (or even two decades) ago.

Yang Chow is one of the restaurants left that holds on by sheer force of will. They pack you in almost elbow to elbow with a meal of mostly Americanized-type dishes including the slippery shrimp and the sizzling rice soup, the latter of which is actually pretty good.

The rest is overly salty, overly sauced, or just not very good. Eggplant is probably the best of the lot, which isn’t saying a whole lot considering how forgettable most of the meal is.

21st. Three Fold Noodles and Dumpling Co – Little Rock, Arkansas

Three Fold is a Noodles and Dumpling Company that draws its vibrant flavors from the various regions of China; our menu remains true to each region’s diverse spices and cooking methods - whether it’s robust Sichuan noodles or delicate handmade dumplings and wontons, each dish pays tribute to traditional Chinese culinary arts. Three Fold’s menu is made with high-quality ingredients and a focus on freshness and affordability to demonstrate that quick-service food doesn’t have to lack in flavor or quality. All of our products are prepared daily using traditional Chinese ingredients and freshly made dumplings and sauces.

20th. Star Kitchen – Denver, Colorado

Jorge M. Miami, F: Great place for some hot and fresh dim sum! I recommend getting here early cause if not you are gonna be waiting awhile. When I go here I usually get here 30 minutes before opening and there’s still a small line forming! The dim sum comes in carts so you can pick as many items as you want. I usually have the sue mai, shrimp pasta, baked pork buns, rib tips in black bean sauce, and other items that I forgot the names but are mouthwatering. I also have a whole lobster fried or Cantonese style. Staff is friendly and helpful in describing the items on the push carts.

19th. Great Taste Chinese – New Britain, Connecticut

Erik S. Hartford, CT: The best Chinese food in the area. We usually order takeout from Great Taste restaurant at least once a month. When we do decide to dine in they offer impeccable friendly service in a refined but relaxed dining atmosphere. The food is quintessential American style Chinese food and they do it well. The menu is extensive with many appetizers, entrees and combo dishes available. The combo dishes allow the opportunity to try multiple selections at a reduced cost. If seafood is on your list, I recommend the Crispy Jumbo Shrimp with Honey Walnuts, a perfect balance of savory and sweet. If beef is your thing then try the Tangerine Beef, which does offer a hint of heat. For a change of pace try the Crispy Duck. Lastly their General Tso’s Chicken will not disappoint. For the full experience, I recommend dining in person but if convenience is required then takeout will also please.

18th. Amerasia – Covington, Kentucky

Melanie U. Cincinnati, OH: Favorite place to grab some filling, flavorful, solid Asian food! The hot and sour soup is always a hit, and I’m a fine of the classic egg drop soup. Favorite dishes include General Tso or Sesame or Orange chicken and the Mei How Fun noodles (thick noodles, with some that get a nice crisp edge to them). The meat dishes are done on a spice level, and when you go higher than 3 they start to use habanero peppers. Service is usually quick and helpful. Space is fun with lots of different wall art. Pricing is very reasonable. We have been lucky each time to get seated without a wait, but know this place can get busy and may sometimes have a wait.

17th. Pagoda – North Pole, Alaska

Jeff T.Kent, WA: A good friend who attended school in Fairbanks had recommended and I am very pleased with his recommendations. We had four in our party and we each ordered a dish to share. Our selections were Ideal Chicken, Raspberry Wasabi Shrimp, Shrimp with Lobster Sauce, and Sea Scallops with Oyster Sauce. Every dish was very tasty with great flavors but not overpowering. The ingredient compliments each other well. The ingredients were high quality and the cookings were crafted well. We were very happy with our experience. The customer service was great and the restroom was clean and smelled good.

16th. Chan’s Restaurant – Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Ariel H.Chicago, IL: Locally owned restaurant with bustling business. It’s intimate but relatively spacious on the inside. Definitely ask for the Chinese menu - it has the more authentic options. Don’t fear: it still comes with English translations + pictures!

Food came out incredibly quickly and it seems our server was also the owner, so obviously the service was extremely prompt and friendly. The food wasn’t the best I’ve ever had, but everything tasted decently authentic for the region and the Chinese menu offers lots of options. I was surprised that despite almost everything being red when they came out, nothing was too spicy (and trust me - I’m not that good with super spicy food). They give a big bowl of rice for every entree you order (not counting noodles/fried rice dishes), and charge $1.50 for every additional bowl you order. Unless you ordered less entrees than the number of your party, you should be good with the rice they give. Try their fried frog legs and mapo tofu, they were the best dishes we ordered!

15th. Hunan Taste – Denville, New Jersey

Established in 1986.

Throughout the years, Hunan Taste has gained the reputation for its unique food offerings, ornate decor, and ultimate restaurant experience. It has become one of the premier award winning restaurants in Northern New Jersey receiving high ratings from Zagat’s Survey and has been awarded “Best Chinese food” nine years in a row by Reader’s Choice. Our management team and chefs have gone to great lengths to create an extraordinary menu for our guests. The architecture of the building, inside and out, creates an atmosphere like no other Asian restaurant in New Jersey. Some say they feel as though they stepped into a three-dimensional rendition of a Chinese watercolor painting. Our team of experienced chefs comes directly from China, and specializes in authentic Hunan, Szechuan, and Mandarin cuisine. We prepare all our food with the freshest ingredients each day and offer a great variety for customer who desires the richest of flavors.

14th. Duck House – Portland, Oregon

Szechuan dishes, handmade baos and noodles

13th. Han Dynasty – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Angel C. Philadelphia, PA: One of my favorite places to get Dan Dan Noodles! It’s definitely a go-to when I’m craving the dish. It has a nice spice that you can always change to make it more mild or spicy. As for the inside is nice and spacious, a great place for a group to go! It’s also nice and clean within the restaurant as well.

As for the staff, they’re always very nice and accommodating. They’re quick to answer questions and very knowledgeable about the menu. Especially the waitress, Asia! Love when she serves me! Very professional while making you feel very comfortable!

12th. Mandarin – Bountiful, Utah

We specialize in great Chinese food using top quality meat, seafood and vegetables. We buy thousands of pounds of locally grown vegetables in the summer. Unique sauces, authentic decor, excellent desserts and top-notch service will bring you back again and again.

11th. A Single Pebble – Burlington, Vermont

Classical Chinese Cuisine made from authentic ingredients from across the ocean and local favourites like Laplatte River Angus Beef from Just down the road.

10th. Lao Sze Chuan – Chicago, Illinois

Lao Sze Chuan Restaurant is Chicago’s premiere restaurant for gourmet, authentic Chinese cuisine, and is rated the best Chinese Restaurant in the USA. International celebrity chef Tony Hu brings over 20 years of experience to the table to create a series of award winning dishes like our famous Chef’s Special Dry Chilies Chicken or the Crispy Shrimp in Lemon Sauce. Lao Sze Chuan’s reputation is built on providing authentic Sichuan cuisine with high quality materials and ingredients. To ensure authentic flavors, we import all ingredients, such as, peppercorn, Sichuan pickles, Chili bean paste, all directly from China. We also keep things current and exciting by always learning and implementing new cuisine straight from China into our menu. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority here at Lao Sze Chuan Restaurant. Our friendly staff and Grade A chefs are here to ensure that you receive exceptional customer service and that your meal is top quality, authentic, and delicious. Let us show you why we’ve been rated the best Chinese cuisine in the USA.

9th. Wo Hop – New York, New York

Laura Y. New York, NY: This place has pretty fast service, thank goodness because the waiting is a bit awkward. There isn’t exactly a separate waiting in the front so you are actually just standing in the middle of the dining room where there are booths on either side of you with people waiting and you have to move for people leaving.

One of the most popular dishes here seemed to be the fried dumplings so we got those and they were pretty decent. I would order them again because they’re pretty tasty and on the larger side too. Another dish that was a hit for me was their duck fried rice which I don’t think I’ve had before but I was pleased with it. A classic I usually get from Asian restaurants is tomato beef noodle but this one was off for me. I can’t put my foot right on it but it must’ve been the seasoning or something because it was just not good at all. The ribs we got were pretty worth it portion-wise. The scallop dish had lots of flavors that needed to be shared with the tomato beef noodle. I really enjoyed those scallops so really the only miss was the tomato beef noodle dish.

I’d come back to try other dishes, hopefully, something else with scallops and maybe crab too.

8th. Café China – New York, New York

Really authentic (no Gen. Tso’s chicken), fresh (live fish bought in the morning every day), quality (health-conscious) Sichuanese food in a 1930’s Shanghai inspired interior, matched with top-notch table service, at a very reasonable price.

7th. Xi’an Noodles – Seattle, Washington

Hung V. Seattle, WA: Best Xian Hand-Pulled noodles in the city. Oftentimes I feel like my taste buds are giving up on me. Food just doesn’t seem to taste as good. Until I go here and get the Hand-Pulled Noodles with Cumin lamb. After the first bite, I’m reassured that it’s not my taste buds that are broken, but its the food that I have recently been eating. Xian Noodles never lets me down. They are not only good, but they are also consistent. From my experience, every time I come here, I never have that feeling of, “they might be missing something today”.

6th. Great China – Berkeley, California

Kimmie H. San Jose, CA: Probably one of the better Chinese restaurants I have been to. I enjoy the usual mom and pop with health violations but Great China is slightly upscale, chic with good quality ingredients. The host was delightful but can’t say the same for the typical Chinese waiters/ waitresses- had to flag a few times to order. I guess some traditions don’t die. And that’s okay :)

5th. Tropical Chinese – Miami, Florida

Trescero C. Las Vegas, NV: Truly awesome food with authentic flavor and roots! Dim Sum quality at Florida, it’s a must-stop!!

My suggestion guys, Order pretty much everything on the menu, fabulous and authentic local dishes you can find anywhere if you have been around the Asian surroundings, don’t hesitate on going!!!

4th. Canton House – Atlanta, Georgia

Canton House Chinese Restaurant serves very authentic Cantonese cuisine and specializes in Dim Sum. At Canton House in Chamblee, Georgia we care deeply about the quality of our food and our service. Our extensive menu offers everything from Chinese Hot Pot to Sea Cucumber. Whether it is Lo Mein, Pan Fried Cantonese, Moo Goo Gai Pan, or any other favorite Chinese dish - We’ve got it! We use extremely high quality and authentic ingredients for all of our dishes. We serve beer, wine, and sake if you’re looking to relax and have a drink with dinner. We also offer takeout for your convenience. We are incredibly service oriented and we want to always make you feel like an important guest at Canton House Chinese Restaurant. We are very experienced in doing banquets as well, so don’t hesitate to call! We look forward to seeing you soon at Canton House Chinese Restaurant.

3rd. Qing Xiang Yuan Dumplings – Chicago, Illinois

Grace C. Monrovia, CA:

One of my favorite finds from my Chicago trip in 2019!

I was wandering around the area in Chinatown, needed food, and found this highly rated place! From the moment I stepped inside, I knew I loved the place. Very pleasing visual aesthetic inside, from the minimalist looking decor, the flowing stream ceiling, and the wooden cage lights, to the custom plates and cloth napkin. Everything just went beautifully together and this is before the food arrived!

2nd. MáLà Project – New York, New York

The food is authentic and just so damn good. The flavor of the dry pots is very vibrant and multifaceted due to the combination of a variety of traditional Chinese spices. Even though I have high spice tolerance, I think the in-your-face kind of spicy is really dull and lazy. They’re known for their DIY dry pots but they also have good apps and sides.

1st. China Live – San Francisco, California

Sonam J. San Francisco, CA: The food feels a bit more modern Chinese but tastes good! There is room for all kinds of flavors in the world at different times :) The green beans were great, Kung Pao tofu is one of the best I’ve found in this city (well-balanced flavors), their chili bean sauce is good. Mapo tofu is a bit underwhelming - not that spicy or schezhuan-y so if I’m craving the type of mapo tofu I’m used to, this wouldn’t be my first choice. The store offerings are great too - good tea selection. As far as I remember, the drinks/bar upstairs were also great. I will order again!